We supply many types of bulk aggregate for uses in concrete, masonry, fill, play areas, sand boxes, pool beds and more. Bring a truck or trailer and we will load it for you. We can also deliver.

  • INDOT #8 Class A Stone – Clean stone 3/4″ down to 3/8″ in size. Works well for concrete mixing. Can also be used to top-dress a driveway.
  • Pea Gravel – Works well for fill or landscaping.
  • Concrete Sand – A course sand for concrete mixing or fill.
  • Mason Sand – Used for mixing with mortar for block, brick and stone masonry jobs. Mason sand is a fine sand that makes great play sand for sand boxes. It can also be used for a bed beneath above-ground pools.

We also stock mason sand in 50 pound bags for smaller jobs or for customers who do not have a way of hauling bulk sand.

Call us. We Deliver!

Call us. We Deliver!

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