Ready-Mix Concrete Mixers

Ready-Mix Concrete

We at Cash Concrete Products, Inc. have been producing high quality ready-mix concrete for the west central Indiana area since 1953. Our modern fleet of front discharge trucks delivers state of the art concrete specifically designed for each application. Whether you want a concrete wall, slab, footing, or colored patio, we have what you need.

*To ensure the highest quality, we have three technical service representatives that have ACI level 1 certifications.

Specified Strength

  • 2500 psi
  • 3000 psi
  • 3500 psi
  • 4000 psi
  • 4500 psi
  • 5000 psi

Specified Cement Content

  • 5.0 Bag (470 lb)
  • 5.5 Bag (517 lb)
  • 6.0 Bag (564 lb)
  • 7.0 Bag (658 lb)


4 Bag, 5 Bag, 6 Bag, and 9 Bag

Flowable Fill

  • INDOT – Removeable, Non-Removeable
  • Highly Flowable
  • Flowable Fill

Integral Concrete Color

Color available from Solomon Color. This digital color card can help you make your choice: Solomon ColorFlo Liquid Color Card

Concrete Accessories

  • Anchor Bolts
  • Welded Wire Mesh (mats and rolls)
  • Concrete Fibers (custom dosing available)
  • Broadcast Color
  • Powder Release
  • Liquid Release
  • Form Oil
  • ADA Detectable Warning Tile
  • Grade Stakes
  • Nail Stakes
  • Curing Compound
  • Concrete Sealer
  • Concrete Cure and Seal
  • Concrete Patch
  • Concrete Resurfacer
Other Mixes

  • ICF Concrete for Insulated Concrete Forms
  • Stamped Concrete Mix
  • Block Fill Mix
  • Exposed Aggregate Mix
  • Slip Form Curb Mix
  • Pervious Concrete
  • Driveway Mix
  • INDOT Patch Mix

Optional Additives

  • Water Reducer – Normal, Mid Range, and High Range
  • Retarder
  • Hot Water
  • Fiber – Micro, Macro, Steel upon request\
  • Calcium Chloride
  • Set Accelerator (HE)
  • Set Accelerator (Non-Chloride)
  • Type III Cement

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Call us. We Deliver!

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